Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bitching 1

Okay, folks. Let's start things off right, and complain.

Disclaimer: The language contained herein will be crude, foul and definitely offensive to conservatives.

It's not bad enough being a Democrat in today's society. The true crime, according to most hysterically-inclined conservatives, is being liberal. There. I've said it. Liberal. The watchword akin to such other epithets as "terrorist" or "gay." These are unacceptable associations in today's America; Bush's America. But not my America.
I've noticed, however, that idiots such as, well, nearly all Republicans, can't differentiate between democrat and liberal, republican and conservative. Just because you're a Democrat, apparently you are a liberal. Now, I hate to break the bad news to all y'all, but there are some conservative Democrats (and some fairly liberal Republicans, but I will not "shame" them here). Or, I should say, moderate Democrats (more on that later), such as Hillary Clinton. Okay, fuck later, here is more of that now. Clinton, not unlike most "good" Republicans paint themselves as being moderate. That is far from being the case. "Compassionate conservative" is about the same thing-trying to make your extremist views sound mainstream, i.e. moderate. That's a whole other bitch-fest, and that will happen later, trust me.
Back to the matter at hand. Liberal does not equal Democrat. I happen to be both, I consider myself to be more "Green," however, but since our oppressive, two-party system has deemed it unnecessary to have more than two parties, because who wants to share power, after all, I am forced to become a Democrat. My stances on such things as same-sex marriage, war, censorship, civil liberties, flag-burning, etc. would make some Democrats shake in fear, and so they tend to distance themselves from the likes of me.
Now, this brings me to a good point that I'd like to make. Liberalism; conservativism (right word?). These can be so disparate. There is, in my (apparently diseased) mind, two sides to every political coin. There are SOCIAL issues and there are ECONOMIC issues. One person can be conservative on both social and economic stances, or conservative on one and liberal on the other, or (God help us), liberal on both (as I tend to be).
However, it seems to be social liberalism that has become the social pariah that was so popular in the virtual party of the Bill Clinton years. Now, Clinton was no more a liberal than I am a mongoose, but that's a whole different post.
And fear not, loyal reader(s?), I am not partial to giving it up the ass (verbally speaking-good pun!) to just the Republicans, and the conservatives. I, unlike the annoying Molly Ivins, and others of her ilk, have plenty of vitrol to spew at the Democrats, who are by far the worse criminals in my mind. They are so fucking afraid to say what they really believe that they are paralyzed (and for this reason alone, I have respect for Rush Limbaugh, hate-monger that he may be). Again, a whole other bitch-fest.

And so-ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!


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Don't quit your day job

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I love it and completely agree.

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